Django+Eclipse with Code Complete Screencast

Here is my first screencast, finally polished off.  In it, I discuss how to set up the Eclipse IDE to do your Python and Django development, complete with code complete, jump-to-code functionality and live  breakpoints + code replace.  I’ve recently migrated away from Textmate (a large reason for this was wanting to develop on both Linux and OSX) and found that Eclipse has really sped up learning Django and some of the libraries I’ve used.
I reference a few URLs for this screencast.  They are:

I also reference a chunk of code that your should be.  I’ve uploaded that to snippet to django snippets.  It was originally posted here in 2007, so I’ve copied it to Django snippets in case that post disappears.

With that all said and everything out of the way, here is the video.  Please let me know if you have any questions! (In case you’re wondering, I used IShowU HD Pro to record this and iMovie to edit [badly].)


69 Responses to Django+Eclipse with Code Complete Screencast

  1. Dan says:

    What server is this being deployed on? can you deploy it on apache tomcat?

  2. Jangwlee says:

    Great tutorial!!Thanks

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  4. Many thanks for this good info. I just logged it and will shortly tell the rest of my friends know. They should think it as interesting as I did.

  5. wickus says:

    Great post Nik, just my $.02 worth:Couldn't get the to work, just terminated for some reason, even after I added pydevd to pythonpath. However, I don't think you need this anymore. I used the aptana eclipse plugin (, and it seems to have pre-configured this step for you, I have remote debugging without changing the Might be useful to add in to your screencast!

  6. Looks good, well done

  7. Dwd says:

    You speak too fast and I hate your voice !

  8. Nick Vlku says:

    Thanks for the (kind of) useful feedback. I'll try speaking slower in the future. As to my voice, can't do anything about that!

  9. David Talbot says:

    Dan – this tutorial shows the built-in Django server which runs when you call the “python runserver” command.A good place to look in terms of getting things running on production servers is here:…/

  10. PW says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Is it possible to debug code running on a test server on my LAN? The server has Apache, the database etc etc but no GUI, so I want to run Eclipse on a desktop but step through the code on the server.I have exported a SMB share from the server, and can load the code and see it etc. But now I would like to tell the Python interpreter on the server to talk back to Eclipse Pydev….

  11. PW says:


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  13. Bluelaser5 says:

    Thank You!

  14. Leena says:

    You made this. Therefore you rock.

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  16. d$$ says:

    i tried like 12 times in OSX terminal and eclipse – your video is amazingly elegant, no obscure instructions like “set up your database now” – thanks so much!

  17. d$$ says:

    i tried like 12 times in OSX terminal and eclipse – your video is amazingly elegant, no obscure instructions like “set up your database now” – thanks so much!

  18. dz says:

    “working since 2009.” =DThanks!

  19. dz says:

    “working since 2009.” =DThanks!

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