Framework + Language Attention Deficit Disorder

I love technology and love playing with the latest and greatest (which being ‘latest’ always means there’s something new to play with.)  In the wee hours of night after work, I’ve been playing with various frameworks and languages for a few of my side projects and discovered that I have fallen into this rut where I keep reimplementing the startup idea I have in different languages.

First, I tried to create my own framework.  That, as it became painfully obvious, was not the best idea ever (even though I’ve done that for the full time job with a team.)  When reinventing the wheel though, its best to look out there and see what else is avaible.  At least be influenced by it.  This is when my ADD kicks in something fierce.

I played with the following: Wicket, Tapestry, Rails, Grails, Zope, Restlet, Django, Rails on Java, and JSF (ICK!).  The saddest part is that, depending on the framework/language, I’ve developed pretty large core pieces of functionality in many of those frameworks.   Then I threw them out!  I guess one positive of all this back-and-forth is after playing with these frameworks, I can feel pretty confident about the one I settled on (Django), but even now I have pings of “let me try something new!” (or flipping back to Grails occasionally.)

Anyone else have these ADD issues with frameworks and languages?  How do you end up settling on one?

If anyone is interested, I can talk about a few of those above (why I went or didn’t go for them.)