Django+Eclipse with Code Complete Screencast

Here is my first screencast, finally polished off.  In it, I discuss how to set up the Eclipse IDE to do your Python and Django development, complete with code complete, jump-to-code functionality and live  breakpoints + code replace.  I’ve recently migrated away from Textmate (a large reason for this was wanting to develop on both Linux and OSX) and found that Eclipse has really sped up learning Django and some of the libraries I’ve used.
I reference a few URLs for this screencast.  They are:

I also reference a chunk of code that your should be.  I’ve uploaded that to snippet to django snippets.  It was originally posted here in 2007, so I’ve copied it to Django snippets in case that post disappears.

With that all said and everything out of the way, here is the video.  Please let me know if you have any questions! (In case you’re wondering, I used IShowU HD Pro to record this and iMovie to edit [badly].)